New Business Models

Rob Armstrong, PureTech
Jim Broderick, Morgenthaler Ventures
Eric Chen, Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Doug Cole, Flagship Ventures
Doug Dachille, First Principles Capital Management
Williams S. Ettouati, University of California San Diego
Oliver Fetzer, Cerulean Pharma
Ansbert Gadicke, MPM Capital Management
Gigi Hirsch, MIT NEWDIGS
Pablo Legorreta, Royalty Pharma
Andrew Lo, MIT (Chair)
Andy Palmer, DataTamer
John S. Parker, SAIC
Gary Pisano, Harvard Business School
Marty Tenenbaum, CancerCommons
Doug Treco, Ra Pharma
Thomas Unger, Pfizer
Jake Xia, Morgan Stanley

Specific Questions to be Addressed

  • What kind of organizational and corporate governance structures do we need to deploy megafund capital effectively?
  • How are projects chosen and how are unproductive projects identified and killed?
  • How should megafund capital be deployed to maximize diversification and long-term success?
  • How can we optimally align business, scientific, and patient interests?
  • What is a realistic estimate of management costs, and what kind of incentive structures do we need to keep entrepreneurs motivated?
  • What is the time horizon for investing the funds? Can we design processes that meet the expectations of all stakeholders